Membership Benefits

Annual Membership

Membership BenefitsThe UNI Alumni Association has more than 4,000 annual members, who pay dues each year in exchange for membership benefits. Annual members pay a minimum of $35 in dues per year. Couples residing at the same address may request up to two membership cards per annual membership.

Level 1 - $35

Includes basic benefit package

Level 2 - $50

Includes basic benefit package
PLUS additional Cat Cash
PLUS a UNI grocery bag organizer

Level 3 - $100

Includes basic benefit package
Additional Cat Cash
UNI grocery bag organizer
PLUS a UNI Spirit Light

Lifetime Membership

The UNI Alumni Association has more than 2,000 lifetime members who will receive membership benefits every year for their entire lives. Life members will receive their basic membership benefits in the annual calendar mailing and have the option to purchase Level 2 and Level 3 membership premium items. (These items are not available for purchase to non-members.)

            Lifetime Individual - $500* (or $550 paid in 5 installments of $110)

            Lifetime Joint - $700* (or $750 paid in 5 installments of $150)

                        Joint memberships are available for a couple residing at the same address.

            * Life memberships paid in full at time of join date receive a free gift!


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